Another award to add to our collection #BrightPig

Posted: November 13th 2016

We are thrilled to announce another award win for Lily’s Secret Vintage Tearoom. Last friday 4th November we entered into the weekly competition over on twitter, you simply tweet @BrightPigSEO from 9am – 4pm followed by a short message about your business and end with #BrightPig. Then when the times up two winners are chosen
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Another Award Win For Lily’s #WOW

Posted: November 2nd 2016

We are delighted to announce we are now triple award winning! Following on from our #QueenOf and #SBS last month we can now add #WOW to our collection. Each wednesday @Jacqueline_Gold sets out a challenge to all female business owners to tweet her between 1-3pm with a short description of the business and finished with
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Confidence In Business, A Female Entrepreneurs View.

Posted: November 2nd 2016

I recently attended a ladies networking event in Staffordshire where the topic for discussion led onto confidence as a business owner. Many female entrepreneurs feel the need to under value themselves, their services, products or expertise. but why? We’ve spent hours learning our craft or profession, gaining knowledge and perfecting what we do down to
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Blog 30, Ten points to consider when organising a craft fair.

Posted: October 30th 2016

Today we held our final Gnosall craft fair of the year at the Grosvenor Centre, as well as it being the final day of our 30 day blogging challenge. Here at Lily’s we regularly organise craft fairs, events, workshops and more, with our next event coming up on the 19th November 2016 at Newport Parish
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Blog 29, Strong Work Ethic

Posted: October 29th 2016

After a busy day catering for a lovely rustic country wedding in Shropshire, ┬ámy thoughts turn to our amazing team of staff at Lily’s and the strong work ethic they bring to the table very single day. But what attributes make them special? Always being pro active. Being proud of their work and achievements. Doing
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Blog 28, 5 reasons to plan your wedding for the autumn or winter months.

Posted: October 28th 2016

Todays blog is inspired by the gorgeous drive through Much Wenlock i had this afternoon between wedding catering meetings. So when your planning your big day why not consider a date in the later part of the calendar year? Gorgeous golden tones, falling leaves, naked trees and festive ferns all make great backdrops for stunning
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Blog 27, Time Management – Running a Small Business

Posted: October 27th 2016

Time is a very precious commodity which under no circumstances we can ever physically get back. With this in mind as a small business owner we can only try and juggle our working days and hours to get everything done. But how can we manage our time better to get more tasks completed, and ticked
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Blog 26, Embracing Change

Posted: October 26th 2016

Yesterday i had my hair cut after work, in between the pampering and chopping away at my locks into a long bob it got me thinking about change. As a business how do we cope and manage change? how has our business evolved and changed? and how we accept change to move forward? As a
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Blog 25, being consistent in your business.

Posted: October 25th 2016

Today I thought I would share my thoughts on being consistent in business, perfectly in time for the end of this challenge coming up on Sunday! So what does being consistent mean? The oxford dictionary states the definition as ‘Acting or done in the same way over time, especially so as to be fair or
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Blog 24, always plan for plan B!

Posted: October 24th 2016

In today’s blog I thought I would tell you my tips, tactics and tricks for when things haven’t gone to plan, how to prevent them and how to keep you moving forward. Technology Technology is something that constantly amazes me, Recently I had a monumental technology break down, 3 laptops in one day headed off
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